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Left or Right-Hand Facing Rattan Garden Corner Sofa?

There are few experiences that can rival sitting in your garden with a cup of tea, the sun warming your face and a slight breeze flowing through your hair. But relaxing on one of our gorgeous rattan garden corner sofas can make it even better. Stylish, comfortable, and durable, our rattan corner furniture sets would perfectly compliment any garden.

Choosing between a left-hand rattan garden corner sofa or a right-hand rattan garden corner sofa is all about getting the right feel and look for the garden space. Along with measurements of course (your rattan corner sofa must fit). The longest part of the rattan corner sofa unit needs to be up against the longest part of the wall; alternatively, if your rattan corner sofa is going to be freestanding away from a wall and cutting across the garden, you need to make sure to allow plenty of space to move freely past it.

When planning to purchase new rattan garden furniture, we recommend creating a mock-up of your garden using some paper or duct tape to try the rattan furniture in a few positions before you buy it online.

You need to understand the difference between a left- and right-hand garden rattan corner sofa, and even though it sounds simple it can confuse those who don’t pay attention. 

A simple way to work out which side is left and which is right, just stand facing the corner and if the chaise section comes out to the right then it is a Right-Hand corner sofa. If it comes out to the left, then it is a Left-Hand corner sofa. Another tip is to think of it like this. The letter “L” is the shape of a Left-Hand corner sofa and the letter “r” is the same shape as a Right-Hand corner sofa.

The diagram below will make this more clearly:


Left or Right-Hand Garden Rattan Sofa